Super Vidalista buy a pharmacy, Price, Instruction


Super Vidalista buy a pharmacy, Price, Instruction
“Super Vidalista drug to increase potency and treat premature ejaculation buy in the online pharmacy with delivery, price and instructions for use”

Super vidalista


Super vidalista


Tadalafil 20mg + Dapoxetine 60mg


The drug Super Vidalista is a unique tool that is designed to be a loyal assistant to any man. Due to age, health problems, and other factors, males often complain of reduced potency, fast ejaculation and lack of emotion during orgasm.
Super Vidalista (Super Vidalista) is a highly effective brand drug, previously produced under the brand Super Tadarise (Super Tadrayz). Each tablet contains simultaneously two active ingredients: Tadalafil, which increases blood flow to the genitals and Dapoxetine, which prevents premature ejaculation. The drug has a wide range of applications, can be used both to prevent premature ejaculation, and simply to improve erection and prolong orgasm.



Buy Vidalista



Super Vidalista is a dual-action medication designed to combat erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. The popularity of the drug due to its high efficiency and safety. Buy Vidalista should men who have problems with potency and those who want to prolong sexual intercourse. You can learn more about the purpose and composition, as well as find out how much Vidalista costs by accessing the Internet resources.
Used drug Vidalista to increase potency, as well as to prevent rapid ejaculation. The double effect is due to the incorporation of tadalafil, a substance that activates the blood supply to the penis, and dapoxetine, a light anti-depressant, which increases the duration of the act, preventing premature ejaculation. Thus, buying Vidalista means getting an effective “two in one” drug, saving money. Vidalista price in the pharmacy is low and depends on the manufacturer and seller.
The mechanism of action of Cialis (Tadalafil) 20 mg is to block the action of phosphodiesterase, after which the vessels of the penis relax and fill with blood, causing a persistent erection. Dapoxetine 60 mg inhibits the reverse process of serotonin uptake, reducing the sensitivity of the head of the penis, thereby prolonging sexual intercourse. As a result, the drug gives a powerful effect – persistent erection and delays orgasm.
The tool is valid for 4 hours. Take the drug should be 45-60 minutes before the planned sexual intercourse. A single dose is 80 mg. If you are going to buy Vidalista in an online pharmacy, pay attention to the fact that the tool does not have an aphrodisiac action: prior stimulation is necessary to achieve the effect.
Before you buy Vidalista pills, in the pharmacy, where you get the product, find out about the contraindications to receive it. You should not take the drug for intolerance to its components, severe hormonal disorders and diseases of the liver and kidneys; people taking drugs with nitrates, as well as persons under 18 years of age. Vidalista usually well tolerated, side effects in the form of dyspepsia and allergic reactions are extremely rare. To buy Vidalista cheap, it is enough to monitor prices in Internet resources and decide on the choice of the most favorable price.


Indications for use



Sexual problems of all kinds in men:

  • erectile dysfunction
  • premature ejaculation
  • inability to get natural pleasure from sexual contact



Drug description



Super Vidalista is available in the form of brown tablets of 10 pcs. in a blister. The drug is based on two active ingredients that make up the unique formula – 60 mg Dapoxetine and 20 mg Tadalafil. This combination has already helped thousands of men who experience both physical and moral problems in the sexual sphere. The medication not only solves sexual problems, but also returns faith in oneself and one’s male powers.


Drug action



The active substances in each tablet play a role. Tadalafil responds to improving blood circulation in the pelvis and blood flow to the sexual organ. Dapoxetine delays ejaculation and enables a man to control her, which helps prolong sexual intercourse. Due to this combination of components, the drug is used to solve both problems – and early ejaculation, and reduced erection.


Instructions for use



One tablet contains the standard daily dose of the drug – 80 mg. If you have serious problems with ejaculation or potency, the dose can be increased to a maximum of two times. The drug is taken orally, and it should be taken with plain water or juice.
After the Super Vidalista is ingested, it will take effect in about 45-40 minutes, so before you take a pill you should podgadat beginning of sexual contact. Peak efficiency will last about 3 hours. The effect of pills is affected by alcohol and fatty foods, so they should not be combined with the use of the drug for erection.





Super Vidalis tablets are intended exclusively for men over 18 years old, who do not have individual intolerance to the components of the drug. Allergic reactions to them include an increased feeling of anxiety, as well as dizziness.
The drug is undesirable to take before traveling behind the wheel, because It is characterized by relaxing properties. In addition, Super Vidalista can not be consumed if you are worried about the eating disorder, as well as hormonal disorders. This can lead to loss of appetite, weakness and other discomfort.
The drug is contraindicated in Parkinson’s disease, problems with the kidneys and liver, as well as in combination with antidepressants and any narcotic drugs.


Benefits of Super Vidalista



Why do so many men prefer this particular medicine, because today there are so many means for potency on the market? The most important advantage is that after taking the pill you can have sex more than once, get a lot of pleasure from it and deliver it to your partner. In addition, the drug has the following positive qualities:

  • The effect comes pretty quickly
  • Strong orgasms with pleasant and vivid sensations.
  • You can take a pill in any situation
  • regardless of why you have problems with erection and potency, the drug will work and give results
  • There is no addiction to the medication, and after stopping the course of treatment with this drug, you will see for yourself that ejaculation and erection have become more stable.
  • no harm to the body
  • your partner may not even know that you are taking Super Vidalista
  • The tool has a cumulative effect. This means that the functionality of the male reproductive organs is gradually improving.

      Modern medicine has achieved great success in solving sexual problems, one of which is a drug to eliminate sexual dysfunctions in men. The complex composition of this medication helps to feel like a real man in bed again, to forget about insecurity and to show all your intimate abilities.
      Super Vidalista even helps with body fatigue, overwork and after a hard day, both morally and physically. Just one tablet of the drug for potency, and you recharge with erotic energy, your sexual functions are restored for the whole evening, and if necessary, even longer. All you need from you is natural sexual arousal, the rest is what this effective drug will do.

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